Loot - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


From Writers Don Handfield (Dark Age, The Rift, The Source) and Richard Rayner (Knightfall, The Rift, The Devil’s Wind) and artist K Lynn Smith (Hope, Plume).

16 page Preview Comic

Orphaned at birth, serial kleptomaniac Emily 'Doe' was lucky to be adopted by Viola Jackson, the cop who kept arresting her. Now grown up (sort of), Emily D. Jackson works for her newly retired mom in loss prevention at a big box superstore by day and turns her passion for theft into part time treasure hunting on the side. When Emily cracks the code of a famous explorer's journal that was leaked online, the Department of Homeland Security division tasked with recovering lost and stolen antiquities (yes, it really exists), recruits her to help them find the missing loot. Helicoptered away from her small-town life, Emily finds herself thrust into a series of thrilling global adventures facing off against international art thieves, hostile foreign governments, and rival treasure hunters -- all the while learning that the real treasures aren't priceless artifacts, but family and friends.