Kill Switch - NYCC Ashcan Preview - Lenticular Cover - Gabriel Ibarra Variant

Scout Comics


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(W) Don Handfield, Sophia Banks (A) Gabo Ibarra

NYCC LENTICULAR COVER! LIMITED TO 15 - Goes back from cover a to cover b

The seven-issue Killswitch is a sci-fi thriller set in a not too distant Los Angeles where It’s 2067 and the elite have the ability to body jump – implant their consciousness into the physical forms of humans containing neural implants (99.9% of the population) – while their ‘real body’ is safe in a vault. The catch is, to exit their host safely with their memories intact, they have to kill the body they hacked into before they jump out. When a rogue criminal on the run with a priceless secret jumps into the body of a comatose freedom fighter, he finds himself falling in love with his new host and can’t bring himself to sacrifice her life for his own personal gain. Can he find a happily ever after in a future where such a thing doesn’t exist?