Metalshark Bro - Trade Paperback

Scout Comics


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(W) Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe (A/CA) Walt Ostlie

You've read (and hopefully loved) the demon fights and goat-wizard battles found in the first "NONSTOP!" issue. Now pick up the collected four-issue tale of everyone's favorite anaphoric dude, Metalshark Bro! If you have no idea what we're blathering about, here's the liner notes summary: a traditional shark stumbles upon Satan's nephew and is forcibly given anthropomorphic qualities. With his newfound human physique and propensity for violence, he's tasked with collecting the souls of those that have sworn allegiance to Satan. The only problem? He just wants to be a normal shark again! Naturally, he swears bloody vengeance and, uh, a whole lot of death ensues! Metalshark Bro! is perfect or fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Tenacious D, and Rick and Morty!