Archive Copy of Scout Retailer Exclusives Program Jun-23-2022 LMM

The pricing for an exclusive variant is as follows:

$4.75 an issue for 250-499 copies.
$4.50 an issue for 500-799 copies.
$4.00an issue for 800-999 copies,
$3.75 an issue for 1000 or more.

We don't put a cover price on exclusives. Retailers tend to sell their variants from $10-$25 each, but MSP is totally up to the individual retailer.

Variants are typically printed on a 100lb stock glossy or matte cover. Other speciality covers (foil, glow in the dark, etc) come with an additional cost. 

If there are multiple covers chosen (i.e. virgin variants or B&W editions) then an additional $150 plate charge is added to the cost. 

If you provide art for your cover, there will be $150 discount.

Almost every Scout title is available for variants, so if you don't see one you want, ask us, it's likely available!

Each title's creator has the final approval for the cover art though.

These covers are limited-print runs that are EXCLUSIVE to the retailer (sans a few creator and Scout showroom copies of the print overrun).


Please inquire about specialty covers (GitD, foil, spot-foil, metal).*


*currently Black Caravan titles are only offering regular 100# cover variants and metal covers as options.