CGC Graded - Gods Of Brutality - Mix Tape Ashcan Preview - 9.8

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Gods Of Brutality - Mix Tape Ashcan Preview
(W) Rich Woodall
(A) Mark Welser

CGC Graded: 9.8

In 2020, rock god Nick Dillion will step off the stage for the final time, ending his 37 year career as the head of metal band Gods of Brutality. The GoB, as they're known to fans, has sold over 70 million records worldwide, and is about to release their final album, completing the story they set out to tell 37 years before. In his final interview, Nick Dillion reveals that when he died for a minute and 24 seconds in 1984, he was actually in hell, where he was tortured by demons. In an act of desperation, Nick prayed to any god that would listen to him. Thankfully, his pleas were answered when Thor and Hercules were dispatched to save him.