Thirteen Origins: Molt #1 - PRESALE

Scout Comics



(W) Laura Galán-Wells (A/CA) Wren Ríos

CHISPA: The Thirteen Origins is a series of one-shot origin stories for the members of The Thirteen, a group of Mexicans and Mexican Americans who discover they are chispas, able to wield impossible powers.Leya Pelayo is someone with a deep connection to her home: her parents, now dead, raised her in it, and even now as she finishes high school her grandmothers live and work in their home with her. They have always rented from an old family friend, but when he passes away, his son presents them with an eviction notice right on Leya’s eighteenth birthday. Now, Leya must try to save the home that she’s always lived in by raising the money to buy it and discover if her newfound ability to change her appearance and ‘molt’ might help her do just that.

***Estimated ship date is in LATE SEPTEMBER***