Unikorn - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


ComicsPro 2020 Ashcan

Created and written by team behind Scout’s The Source Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin and illustrated by The Mall’s Rafael Loureiro.

Unikorn is a 120+ page graphic novel that sends the message that with a little love, faith and hope, we never have to let go of the ones we've lost. They are always with us in spirit. And, that it's okay to keep believing in 'magic', no matter how old you get.

Maeve “Mae” Everhart inherits Percy, an old horse with a strange nub on his forehead. When the horse performs a ‘healing miracle’ and is declared a unicorn, crowds descend on her family farm, making Mae realize the world might not be ready for a magic horse just yet.

Her heartbreaking and hopeful journey with this special animal becomes a story of family healing, community and discovery of the real magic inside us all.