Mare Hollow: The Shoemaker - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


(W/A) Jake Tacito

1st appearance ashcan preview!

Mare Hollow: The Shoemaker is a graphic novel focused on existential horror, with a story centered around a shoemaker living in the town of Mare Hollow, sometime in the mid 1800’s. One day while at work, the shoemaker meets a beautiful young woman named Ida, whom he quickly becomes infatuated with; however, it soon becomes apparent that Ida, and the town of Mare Hollow, may be involved with sinister forces that are far beyond the poor shoemaker’s comprehension. The book is all drawn in a 1930’s animation style, similar to old Disney cartoons, but when horrific moments and other worldly monsters are shown, they are rendered realistically to play up the existential dread, and really make it feel like these evil creatures don’t belong here in the happy town."