MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE Is Coming This March From Scout Comics

MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE Is Coming This March From Scout Comics


During a time when it's kill or be killed, a peculiar duo of adventurers come face-to-face with the dark and disturbing things that inhabit the wild west.


Welcome to the Midnight Western Theatre! Our feature presentation is a series of tales spanning across the turbulent 1860's of the United States of America. It is a time where rights have been wronged! Where the guilty plague the innocent! Where man and beast have little difference! HOWEVER, the new frontier has far more dangerous threats than the folly of man! Threats that are MYSTERIOUS!!! STRANGE!!! DEADLY!!! In such a chaotic era, who is brave enough to face these most dastardly beings? Enter our heroes, The Woman In Black and her right-hand man, Alexander Wortham! Together, they must confront what no one else can on this journey of blood, betrayal, and self-discovery!



Writer: Louis Southard (Action Lab Entertainment's Villains Seeking Hero)

Artist: David Hahn (Image Comics' All Nighter / Dynamite Entertainment's The Six Million Dollar Man / DC Comics' Batman '66 Meets the Man from UNCLE)

Colorist: Ryan Cody (Image Comics' Family Tree)

Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin (Action Lab Entertainment's Villains Seeking Hero)

Cover Artist: Kalman Andrasofszky (Chapterhouse Publishing's Captain Canuck / Marvel Comics' X-23)


"This is my second comic book series, and I still find it hard to believe that it's made it this far since I first thought of the idea while I was bored at a cafe. I was sitting there daydreaming, and I thought to myself, "Oh, goth cowboys! Never really seen that before." For some odd reason, that idea never left my brain. Now, Midnight Western Theatre is a real thing, and that's just insane. I love this book's world and the characters in it, so it's going to be great sharing it with others now. I'm pretty ecstatic to work with Scout on this series, because I know it's in good hands and the story will get the treatment it deserves!"


(W) Louis Southard (A) David Hahn (CA) Kalman Andrasofszky

Welcome to the Midnight Western Theatre! Our feature presentation is a tale of a town under siege... The notorious Red Tom and his dastardly posse have laid claim to the once prosperous vista of Liberty Springs, but for how long? Will these outlaws be able to savor their sinful victory as two blackclad strangers suddenly arrive?






LOS ANGELES, CA (December 20, 2020) – Winners of the inaugural Script2Comic contest have been chosen. The winning scripts will be made into comics and published by Scout Comics as well as put into development as a film or television series.
The prize winners will all receive special CGC® Award Trophy slabs with Holofoil, Gold, Silver, Bronze and White labels specially designed for the contest. The top prize winners will also receive a slabbed and CGC® graded copy of their published comic when they are published.
Here is the complete list of winners:


Title: The Vampire's Babysitter by Heather Hale
Logline: A 134-year-old vampire, with the body of an 11-year-old girl forms an unlikely friendship with the awkward teenager she hires to be her babysitter.


Charm City by Josh Eiserike
Logline: A serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Baltimore -- but what the police don't know is all of the victims are witches, part of an underground secret society living among us for centuries. And when yet another body turns up, it falls on the victim's sister-- a witch who left the community years ago and hasn't used magic since-- to use her contacts as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun to unravel the mystery and catch the killer.



Title: The West Moon Chronicle by Frank Kim
Logline: Shortly after moving to a small town in the pine forests of east Texas, a Korean immigrant and his grandson suffer a family tragedy and must grapple with the aftermath – all while dealing with a supernatural threat that emerges from the haunted woods near their home.



Title: HEX by Joey Capuana
Logline: While investigating his ex-lover’s disappearance amidst a string of murders in Savannah's gay community, a broken-hearted drag queen taps into the magic of his coven of queer witches only to uncover a powerful evil lurking closer than he ever imagined.


Title: Vectors by Grant Fraggalosch & Timothy Bacon
Logline: A NASA capsule unexpectedly crashes back to Earth after having been presumed

lost in space over 40 years ago. But its sudden return raises more questions than answers when it’s revealed that its crew of three is not only still alive, but haven’t aged since their launch.


Title: Santa Claus Incorporated by Arun Narayanan
Logline: Idealistic office assistant elf Lucy Goodshoe tries to bring the Christmas spirit back to the now-corporate world of the North Pole.

The books will printed by Comic Impressions and published by Scout Comics, one of the top indie comic publishers in North America, with hit series such as Stabbity Bunny, White Ash, The Mall, The Source, Long Lost and Solar Flare, many of which have been optioned for television.
The 2020 Script2Comic Contest was sponsored by Scout Comics, Motor Content, Armory Films, Thunder Comics, Comic Impressions and CGC®. Jordan Moore from Motor Content will help coordinate production of all the comics and serve on the development team to transition the scripts to comics and film and television.
Judges for the contest included Elgin James, showrunner of Mayans MC; Josh McLaughlin, former President of Focus Features; Trevor Engelson, EP of “Snowfall” on FX; longtime CAA agent Jon Levin who is now head of film & TV at Fourward; Adhrucia Apana, EP of Tom Hardy starrer Capone; Pop Mhan, comic artist of Flash, Aquaman, and Shazam; and Lauren Vilchik, Producer of the horror franchise Cabin Fever.
"We had such an amazing group of entrants this year, with such diverse stories from all genres. We expect to see some incredible comic books from these winners," said Don Handfield from Motor Content, one of the sponsors and founders of the contest.
“Scout Comics is thrilled to help bring these stories and storytellers into a medium we feel is the creator’s best friend. These winning scripts are so worthy of a wider audience, we can’t wait to get these comic books out into the world.” said James Haick, President of Scout Comics.
For more information, please visit:
Scout Comics & Entertainment was founded to discover, develop, and support content creators in addition to helping translate their projects to different platforms and mediums.  Scout currently has projects in development at Amazon Studios and Disney, among many others. Scout Comics & Entertainment is one of the fastest growing independent comic book companies in the world.  Scout currently has projects in development at Amazon Studios and Disney, among many others. For more information go to
Motor is a content production engine founded by Don Handfield (The Founder, Knightfall) focused on Film, TV and the creation of Intellectual Property. On the film side, the company is producing Switched On at Focus with Emma Frost (White Queen) adapting the best-selling memoir by John Elder Robison, as well as the US remake of the #1 grossing horror film in Vietnam The Housemaid being adapted by Academy-Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher (Precious).  For more information go to
Founded in 2013 by Christopher Lemole and Tim Zajaros, Armory Films is a film finance and production company that creates, develops, produces, and finances high concept and commercially viable content. Armory Films released The Peanut Butter Falcon, starring Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Dakota Johnson and Bruce Dern, which received rave reviews and the Narrative Spotlight Audience Award out of its SXSW premiere, was acquired by Roadside Attractions, and made over $20 million at the box office, making it one of the biggest indie releases of the year; Joe Penna’s Arctic, starring Mads Mikkelsen which made its world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival where it was acquired by Bleeker Street for North American distribution and released in the US on February 1, 2019; Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair’s horror/thriller Mom and Dad, which premiered in the midnight madness section at the Toronto International Film Festival; and Dee Rees’ lauded feature Mudbound, which Armory produced and financed, starring Carey Mulligan and Garrett Hedlund. The film rose to critical success following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017, and after being acquired by Netflix, went on to receive a record breaking four Academy Award Nominations, making the film a milestone in Netflix’s history in the awards race. For more information go to
Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) revolutionized the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 6 million collectibles certified since 2000.
No matter the size of the run, Comic Impressions is a one stop destination for comic printing and production needs. Parent company, Direct Impressions, has over 25 years of mail and distribution experience. So Comic Impressions can produce and ship comics anywhere in the world.
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Armory press inquiries contact:

Episode 5 with Clay Adams – December 16, 2020

Episode 5 with Clay Adams – December 16, 2020

The fifth episode features Clay Adams from Red Xmas #1, in your local comics store or at the shop at today, Wednesday, December 16, 2020!

Scout Comics Acquires Rights To 90'S Surf Clothing Company THIRD WAVE 99

Scout Comics Acquires Rights To 90'S Surf Clothing Company THIRD WAVE 99

December 1, 2020. Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. proudly announces that it has acquired the rights to relaunch the popular 90's Florida surf clothing company THIRD WAVE 99. Scout plans on releasing a mini-series in mid 2021 exploring the dark history and controversy surrounding the brand.

Established in 1999, Third Wave was a popular upstart FL surf shop/ clothing brand before it disappeared after being purchased by a large corporation.
THIRD WAVE 99 wasn’t your ordinary surf shop/clothing company. It initially started off as a support group that helped troubled individuals, young and old, deal with addiction. The group used surfing as a replacement for negative and self-destructive habits, helping reform many lives in a positive manner. The brand developed a cult like following throughout the state of Florida in the late 90's. Eventually the line was sold off when one of the owners went missing.
Scout has re-released some the original retro logo designs
Original THIRD WAVE 99 logo designer, Lee Ferguson, has agreed to handle the art and coloring chores for the upcoming series. Ferguson said the following about the company he once worked for:

"I am very excited to be part of this brand once again, over 20 years later. I can't wait to dive head first into the rich history of Third Wave 99. It's going to be a fun ride." 

Scout's President, James Haick III, will be writing the series, and looks back fondly on the Florida based surf company:

"I grew up in Florida in the late 90's and remember owning a few Third Wave 99 t-shirts back in the day. I had no idea until recently the controversy surrounding it.  I'm looking forward to exploring the legend of Third Wave 99."

For more information on THIRD WAVE 99 and all things Scout Comics, please contact

Episode 4 with Andrew Clemson and Bryan Silverbax – December 9, 2020

This fourth episode features Andrew Clemson and Bryan Silverbax from Star Bastard Loggerhead #1 coming next Wednesday, December 16, 2020!

THE MAPMAKER Is Set To Launch This February From Scout Comics Imprint SCOOT!

THE MAPMAKER Is Set To Launch This February From Scout Comics Imprint SCOOT!


To some, he is but a myth. To others, a source of immeasurable power and wealth. Commanding a mysterious energy known as The Light, he creates maps that give rise to new lands and the Great Age of Discovery. He is... the Mapmaker.


Scout Comics announces a new adventure title being released  in February, 2021.  Published under the all-ages Scoot! imprint, The Mapmaker brings high-seas adventure to the lineup. Imagine a parallel Earth during The Age of Discovery where The Pirates of the Caribbean are searching for a prize of fantastic power wielded by a mysterious individual known simply as "The Mapmaker".  Any map he creates comes to life, a power highly desired by King Gus, who will stop at nothing to obtain it.  The crew of the privateer ship ‘The Rogue Wave’, captained by courageous Lei Li, are the only ones standing in their way.  Their mission is to deliver The Mapmaker’s successor before his power wanes and it is lost forever.



Creator and Writer: Ben Slabak

Ben Slabak is a writer/creator based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2014, he has written several original comic book series and graphic novels, including the hit six-issue sci-fi series Exilium, published by Alterna Comics. The collected Exilium graphic novel has become Australia's all-time highest crowdfunded graphic novel.  Ben has another title slated for the Scoot! lineup that will be announced soon.

Illustrator and Colorist: Francesca Carità

Francesca is an Italian cartoonist and illustrator, having studied at the International School of Comics in Florence. The graphic novel Le due metà della Luna (The two halves of the Moon) was her debut work.

Letterer: HdE

HdE is a UK-based comic book letterer. He's been lettering for a decade, and his work can be found in books printed by Darby Pop, Aspen Comics, Source Point Press, Alterna Comics, Big Dog Ink, and Attic Studios. 


Ben Slabak says, "The entire team behind The Mapmaker was absolutely thrilled when an opportunity recently arose to sign a publishing deal with Scout Comics, whom I have been following since their early days. I have been left impressed with the array of creative talent they have assembled as well as their growing library of some amazing books. I'm really excited to be joining the Scout Comics team and working with them in bringing The Mapmaker to a wider, global audience."


Imagine a parallel Earth during The Age of Discovery. Imagine The Pirates of the Caribbean where the prize is a fantastical power wielded by a mysterious individual known simply as "The Mapmaker." Any map he creates comes to life, a power highly desired by King Gus, who will stop at nothing to obtain it. The crew of the privateer ship The Rogue Wave, captained by the courageous Lei Li, are the only ones standing in their way with a mission to deliver The Mapmaker's successor before his power wanes and is lost forever. A fun tale for all ages! Enjoy the first issue of this NON-STOP! followed by the entire story collected soon after in one volume.

Episode 3 with Austin Janowsky – December 2, 2020

This third episode features Austin Janowsky from Stanley the Snowman, so support his Kickstarter coming soon!

Scout TrailBlazers - Episode 2 With Adam Barnhardt – November 25, 2020

Scout TrailBlazers - Episode 2 With Adam Barnhardt – November 25, 2020

This second episode features Adam Barnhardt from Sh*tshow, coming soon from Scout!



There was once an Age of Heroes, a time Earth was protected by the demigod hero Legend and his band of heroes called Legend's Legion until one day, the three-headed demon Balam was summoned to the planet. In the ensuing fight, the powers were ripped away from any enabled beings on the planet — heroes and villains, alike. Battered, broken, and losing his entire Legion in the process, Legend was able to cobble together whatever remaining powered beings he could find but by that time, Balam was long gone.

To try coping with an all new world, the heroes banded together to form The Magnificent McCoys, a traveling circus where the performers use their powers to entertain the masses in a time where powers are rare. A god with a dying star for a heart, Legend has taken Balam’s destruction worse than anyone and has since become a crippling alcoholic. Then suddenly one day, Balam returns. Will Legend be able to stay sober long enough to use his powers and end this threat once and for all or will he give up only to doom humanity forever?

BLACK FRIDAY Is Coming This February From Scout Comics' Imprint Black Caravan

BLACK FRIDAY Is Coming This February From Scout Comics' Imprint Black Caravan


A very unlucky clean-up crew dealing with the aftermath of Black Friday discovers that years of pent-up negative energy has released something very evil and dark into their superstore, just the way corporate wanted.


Meet the Team:

Jon Clark - writer, cover artist - Hag, Thin 
Travis Williamson - artist -  Nun Assassin, Fat Cow, The Importance of Being Superfluous 
April Brown - letterer -  Only Living Boy, To End All Wars: A WW1 Graphic Anthology 


Story Synopsis 


Pent up negative energy has been building up in the local superstore, Star-Mart, from yearly, monthly and daily “deplorable” things that happen there. Javier and a few other unlucky employees are cleaning the aftermath of a particularly awful Black Friday, when Ceci discovers a trail of blood that leads directly into the toy aisle. Beneath it, they discover what appears to be a sheet of glass inlaid in the floor, and numerous freakishly large dead humanoid-like bodies -- only, they aren’t dead. They’re alive and begin to break free and attack the workers with a vicious hunger. Javier and his coworkers must battle their way through the store to survive and uncover the real, even more sinister reason why the creatures are here.

From Jon Clark creator:

There’s a demon infestation in Star-Mart, and it isn’t that day’s crazy shoppers, this has been building, waiting, and about to pounce on them in an onslaught of nonstop pure evil. Can anyone survive the day that puts them all in the black?   

BLACK COTTON Launches This February From Scout Comics

BLACK COTTON Launches This February From Scout Comics


Set in an alternate reality where the social order of “white” and “black” is reversed, an elitist family, the Cottons, are rocked by a tragic shooting that begins to unravel long standing family secrets that could not only destroy the family but also divide the fragile social climate of the world.


Creative Team:

Patrick Foreman — co-creator/writer
Brian Hawkins — co-creator/writer
Marco Perugini — artist
Francisco Zamora — letterer
Jerry Nilsson — graphic design



Elijah Cotton, the modern patriarch of the Cotton family and business mogul of Black Cotton Ventures, tries to manage the public outrage and fallout from his police officer son, Zion Cotton’s, shooting of a young white woman. Meanwhile, Qia Cotton, the only daughter of Eljiah and the CEO of Black Cotton Ventures, attempts to assuage the situation by paying off the victim and her family; Xavier Cotton, the youngest Cotton and sophomore in high school, works on a history project that takes him down a rabbit hole of family history.


From Co-Creator/Co-Writer Brian Hawkins 

“Black Cotton is a comic, but it’s also a mindset; it’s a mindset that’s being explored in a comic.

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