Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a part of the Scout Family of creators. At Scout, we actively seek new and exceptional talent to contribute to the ever-expanding marketplace. We publish a diverse array of books and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore the alignment of your creative vision with Scout's ethos.


Before submitting your work, we kindly request that you carefully review all instructions and requirements provided below.

Scout Comics & Entertainment exclusively publishes creator-owned work, emphasizing original and completed content. We welcome proposals for new comic series or graphic novels with an already assembled creative team. Please refrain from submitting any work featuring existing characters, including those affiliated with Scout.


  1. CREATIVE TEAM: All proposals must have a complete creative team on board. Submissions without a full team will not be considered. While we appreciate writing samples, please refrain from sending writer-only proposals.

  2. PAYMENT: Scout Comics & Entertainment does not offer page rates or creative fees. As the creator, we anticipate that you have negotiated terms with your team. We commit to facilitating the publication and distribution of your book, sharing royalties with the creators. The distribution of profits within the creative team is at their discretion.

  3. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Your submission packet should include:

    • Logline: A concise, one-to-two sentence overview of your book.
    • Cover Letter: Introduce yourself and your pitch, including your contact information.
    • One Page Synopsis: Provide an overview of the entire series or story arc.
    • Six (6) Pages of Hi-Res Full Inked and Lettered Art.
    • Cover Mock-Up: An engaging image with a readable logo.
  4. FORMAT: Submit a single PDF pitch packet, not zipped, and avoid separate files for each page.


  • Uniqueness: Clearly articulate what sets your proposal apart from others in the genre and define your target audience.

  • Suggestions: While respecting your creative vision, we may offer insights into potential enhancements for increased market appeal.

  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your series, showcasing the caliber of your team.


After reviewing the guidelines, kindly submit your works to Please capitalize and enter your comic in the email subject line followed by the word SUBMISSION (Example: ABC WARRIORS - SUBMISSION).

We appreciate your dedication to transporting readers to captivating worlds through well-written and well-drawn comics. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore your creative endeavors.

Warm regards,

Team Scout