The Electric Black - Trade Paperback

Scout Comics


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The Electric Black - Trade Paperback

(W/A) Joseph Schmalke
(W/A) Rich Woodall
(C/A) Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall

Dare you step within the sinister halls of The Electric Black? A doomed ship infested with demonic rats, an elixir of life that devolves people into blood craving monsters, and a nefarious necklace with apocalyptic properties all await you inside. The cursed antique shop calls out, appearing in any time or space, soliciting new customers that it hungers to corrupt or devour. The poor souls that enter never leave empty handed. Its dark light will shine on macabre mysteries, grisly murders, and other frightful occurrences. This inaugural volume collects the first four issues of the quarterly, ongoing series, containing exclusive bonus artwork and a special cover gallery.