Gutt Ghost Trouble With The Sawbucket Skeleton Society #1 - Comic Tom Mill Geek Comics Variant

Scout Comics


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(W/A) Enzo Garza (CA) Mike Mignola
2000 Print Run - Comic Tom B&W Variant
As seen in Heavy Metal magazine, a special one-shot of everyone's favorite intestinal ghost. Gutt Ghost finds himself mistakenly in debt to a long standing organization cloaked in violence and hellfire. Welcome the Sawbuck Skeleton Society with their horrific means to advance an undead agenda and collect on all living debts in a most violent way. Can good ol' Gutt talk his way out of this one or will he have to call upon some unlikely friends to get him out of this bone hacking predicament?! Featuring a special cover by industry legend Mike Mignola and a glow-in-dark variant by series creator Enzo Garza!