She Bites - NYCC Ashcan - Metal Cover

Scout Comics


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Limited to 20 Copies!!  NYCC hidden Variant!
It’s 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A 134-year-old vampire (with the body of a 9-year-old girl) is squatting in a run-down basement apartment. This is Elsie Baker, and she can’t even buy her cigarettes because adults won’t take her seriously. In order to move among the “normals” undetected, she must find a willing human to act as her babysitter. Enter Brenda Zelinski, a dejected 18-year-old stuck in her hometown with no plans and no hope. All Brenda wants is a quick payday so she can afford to fly to Scotland and jump off a cliff to end her miserable life in grand fashion. Together, these two lost souls form an unlikely friendship around their mutual hate for literally everyone else. Release Date: Spring 2022