Oswald And The Star-Chaser - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


Tommy Kulik - Writer; Co-Creator. (W)

Tyler Villano Maron - Co-Writer and Letterer; Co-Creator. (W/L)

Tom Hoskisson - Art: Penciller and Inker. (A)


Torn from his training after King FEK usurped the throne, space knight Oswald Bretters embarks on a quest to save the Star Lands! As headstrong as he is, even Oswald knows he can’t restore his fallen kingdom alone, so he searches for his childhood heroes to bolster his ranks. With the watchful eye of King FEK omnipresent, Oswald luckily runs into all-star help! The mysterious mercenary Star-Chaser joins his cause, but can she really be trusted!? It all starts here—the adventure of a lifetime—at the edge of