Solar Flare: Season 1 - Fort Myers - TITLE BOX - COMIC BOOK SET - 1-6

Scout Comics


This special title/bookshelf box measures 14 inches by 7 1/4 inches and contains issues 1-6 of SOLAR FLARE SEASON 1 along with the hybrid trading card/gift card,/digital trade paperback called a Comic Tag.  You have a chance of getting rare variants like holofoil covers, metal covers, etc.  Very limited quantities so grab yours now! 

Description:  Where were you when the world went dark? Solar Flare is the story of Jake Clifford and his friends traveling through a world where electronics no longer work after Earth is hit directly by a solar flare. Jake and his friends are trying to survive in this new post apocalyptic world while searching for his lost daughter. They find out almost immediately that they have a chance to help restart the world.