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There are a lot of steps that go into getting a comic ready for print and released to the world. To make the process as smooth as possible, we need your help...

By now Charlie, David, and James have welcomed you aboard and connected you with an editor/designer team and guided you to this page, so let's get started.

First things first:

We want to announce your presence as a part of Scout! 

Please provide the professional names and social media handles for the team members you want tagged in your announcement post.

This will be a quick announcement on social media with the title, team members, and a logo...which we need as well! 


Creator Names

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There is a survey at the bottom of this page that will allow you to enter all of this information...PLEASE FILL IT OUT!

This announcement will let people know your series is coming, but is not the official press release. That will come closer to the time of the series release.

Now let's move on to the actual comic series deliverables.

We have a number of items we need get your project moving along smoothly, the quicker you get these things in, the quicker we can get your series into all our various pipelines.

We know now all series are at the same point in production when you join Scout, but these items will all be needed, and it's never too soon to start gathering them.

6 completed pages
Creative Team Bios/Photos
Elevator Pitch
Script for #1/Finished Issue
Issue #1
Comixology Graphic
Merchandise Images


Follow this link for a pdf with more in depth descriptions of each task.


We understand the role of crowdfunding in independent comics, with that in mind, we've developed some policies, follow the link below to review.

Follow this link for a PDF with our current Crowdfunding Policies.

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