Bandit VS. Vacuumonster - Launch Book

Scout Comics


(W) Amy Harlow  (A) Jim Mehsling  
FC. 32 pages. 8'X8'

From the LAUNCH lineup for beginning readers!  Launch bridges the gap between children’s picture books and comics with three stages: Stage One - a few simple words, but mostly letters and sounds; Stage Two - more simple words, and repetition; Stage Three - expanded vocabulary, still beginning reader, plus in Stage Three we introduce sequential storytelling with one-panel, two-panel, and three-panel pages!  All stories have fun, colorful artwork by amazing artists!
(SCOOT LAUNCH Stage-One Reader) Bandit is a Bull Terrier puppy with an incredibly active imagination!  Kids will delight to see the world through his eyes as he encounters the extraordinary in everyday settings and activities.  A true celebration of the imagination!  In this book Bandit must defend the house from the vacuum… or is it the Vacuumonster!?