Broken Souls Ballad - Volume One - TITLE BOX - COMIC BOOK SET - 1-4

Scout Comics


This special title/bookshelf box measuring 14 inches by 7 1/4 inches and contains issues 1-4 of the first volume of BROKEN SOULS BALLAD along with the hybrid trading card/gift card,/digital trade paperback called a Comic Tag.  You have a chance of getting rare variants like holofoil covers, metal covers, etc.  Very limited quantities so grab yours now! 

Description: Broken Souls Ballad is a dark story of brotherhood and sisterhood, about special children with tremendous powers born of their mental illnesses and fears. They were created this way by a government agency - one of many moving through the shadows - to become sentient biological weapons. Now, as they enter their adolescence, their powers have become more and more undeniable. It is time to return home, to the dark arms of the institution that birthed them - Saint Abigail's.