Distorted #5 - DIGITAL

Scout Comics


(W) Salvatore Vivenzio
(A) Gabriele Falzone
Full Color, 32 Pages,



While Tom and Elisa have their rendezvous, someone from the top sends Ida, who appears to be a war contractor, to fix the situation by force. Mason, wounded and on the run, is captured by a special police department. Tom is forced to choose between surrendering and the life of the woman he loves. The moment of reckoning has come for Brennar too, and someone’s ready to shut him up. Meanwhile, Steve Collins, a mysterious man who has wandered through our story like a ghost, seems to have reconstructed the bigger picture of the Distorted and is ready to make it public. Will the police keep Mason in chains? Will Tom surrender to the will of those who are more powerful than him? And will James, who is on the run with his friends, be satisfied with a normal life?