Distorted - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


Written by Salvatore Vivenzio and illustrated by Gabriele Falzone

Ashcan Preview

The Distorted are different from us, or at least that’s how they feel.TOM is one of them. He works as a PI and is contacted by ELISA, the president of a shadowy, quasi-government organization, to track down the “Distorted”. BRENNAR is hunting them down as well. The two will chase them like predators but never meet, like parallel lines, until one fateful moment. JAMES is a young adult who does not know what he wants from life. He is trying to find himself, but he is forced to deal with his powers… and his flaws. When he meets someone like him, he decides to commit a robbery and start a new life. Hunting him down is MASON, a “Distorted” serial killer who believes killing other Distorted will make him stronger. It is him that will bring Tom and Brennar together and force them to confront each other.