Elasticator - Trade Paperback - DIGITAL COPY

Scout Comics


(W) A.C. Medina (A/CA) Kevin Shah 

Collecting the critically acclaimed Elasticator series, one of Scout's very first titles! Burning buildings, rioting in the streets, chaos everywhere and one person at the center of it, the Elasticator! But in order to understand what causes this mayhem to come to Brooklyn, Detectives Amparo and Mickey must sit down with the Elasticator and hear his story. The story of a misguided youth that went from local outcast to urban legend, and unlike most superheroes where their stories begin with tragedy, Elasticator's tragedy began the day he put on the goggles.

"With elements that work so well together, Elasticator will be dearly missed"

-Graphic Policy

"A must read."

-Comic Crusaders

"This is the future of comics people."

-Reading with a Flight Ring