Forever Forward - Trade Paperback - PREORDER

Scout Comics



(W) Zack Kaplan (A) Arjuna Susini (CA) Jacob Phillips
Sci-fi writer ZACK KAPLAN and artist ARJUNA SUSINI take you on a sci-fi adventure like no other, one that imagines time traveling through “the future” as an Odyssey-style mythic journey home. When a brilliant young scientist accidentally launches himself, his evergreen love and three friends into the future with his unproven time machine, they discover a mysterious message from their future selves: THE ONLY WAY BACK IS FORWARD. Now, as they jump 33 years at a time through the rise and fall of humanity, from post-apocalyptic, climate-collapsed landscapes to advanced robot-run empires, will they find the technology to return to the present… …or are they doomed to hopelessly time travel forward…forever?
*** Estimated shipping date is MID FEBRUARY***