Gutt Ghost #1 - Secret Skull Variant Cover

Scout Comics


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(W/A) Enzo Garza 

Secret Variant Cover

As seen in HEAVY METAL magazine, a special one-shot of everyone's favorite intestinal ghost. Who is GUTT GHOST and what's he all about? The reality of it is he's just like you and me. Navigating the same ups and downs that life has to offer. He works a job he doesn't like, has a car that breaks down, pays bills and deals with the same headaches that come from being a ghost with guts. Things like an ex-girlfriend and her obnoxious runt of a creature new boyfriend, flakey friends and the troubles with resurrecting dead ones, confrontations with a stranger and accidentally eating them alive. It's normal stuff we all deal with and he's no stranger to it. This special issue sees ordinary ol' Gutt run into an interesting individual named Pete Zaghloul, aka Pizza Ghoul, and all the troubles that come with keeping your word and hanging out. Plus there's sure to be some inside out people, a cult and someone's car gets broken into. All completely normal and relatable stuff!