Impossible Jones - Volume 1 - Grin & Gritty - Trade Paperback

Scout Comics


(W) Karl Kesel
(A/CA) David Hahn

Full throttle thrills by Karl?Kesel?(Harley Quinn, King Shark) and David Hahn (Batman '66)!?A thief pretending to be a superhero? It’s not impossible—it’s IMPOSSIBLE JONES! Read the explosive origin of the impulsive IMP?as she tries to convince?citizens, cops—and fellow superheroes—that she’s New Hope City’s?newest and coolest super-powered protector! But she’s also a damn?good thief, and with her new powers, pilfering and purloining have?never been easier! Added bonus: Cops don’t shoot at her, are glad to tell her?exactly what they’re up to, and everyone’s happy to show her their?security systems. But it’s a high-stakes, high-wire balancing act, and?even shape-shifting superpowers?can be stretched thin. One misstep?and Jones will fall so far she’ll never bounce back… Collects Impossible Jones #1-4!