Kitsune - Complete Set (Issues 1-6)

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc.


This bagged set contains issues 1-6 of KITSUNE bagged and boarded!  All issues are the cover A versions and first prints! 

Description: Twelve years ago, Kitsunichi Shimitsu was banished by his daimyo because of his role in a conspiracy. Now that his master is no longer alive, his homeland has descended into chaos due to the incompetence of the young daimyo to rule. Our hero, accompanied by his friend Karamatsuki Yamanouchi, has returned home to set things right but his efforts unveil the most horrible of truths—the chaos enveloping his homeland has been instigated by his long-lost, son Hirotaro Shimitzu! Will Kitsunichi be able to redeem himself and perhaps save his son? What other disturbing truths will he discover along his journey?