Mindbender - CORE - Comic Tag NFT - 1000 Total

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc.


Purchasing this item gets you the physical COMIC TAG NFT CORE collectible card!

  • 1 of 1000 CORE NFT

  • The physical COMIC TAG NFT CORE is individually numbered to 1000!

  • On the back of this collectible card is a code that allows you to get access to the following graphic novel and the NFT!

(W) James Pruett (A/CA) Federico De Luca

At the tender age of seven, Alexander Oberman witnessed the gruesome deaths of his parents in a horrendous explosion caused by the explosive power of his own mind. How Alex survived has been a mystery. Physically he was fine, minus a few burns, but mentally he withdrew into himself...into his mind. For 16 years, Alex hadn't uttered a solitary word or had a voluntary movement of his own, until now. Those that would use his destructive abilities have been awaiting Alex's awakening. But will Alex be a vanguard for the world or will he be responsible for its annihilation?