Provenance Of Madness - Trade Paperback - DIGITAL COPY

Scout Comics


Written by Kiyarn Taghan, Illustrated by Christian DiBari,


Cover Art by Paul Jackson

Full Color, 120 Pages

BLACK CARAVAN IMPRINT: Provenance Of Madness is multiple love letters to H.P Lovecraft, in the form of three short stories and fan art from across the globe. With each short we delve further into Lovecraft’s three well most known titles At the Mountains Of Madness, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Call Of Cthulhu. We see an interpretation of what happened after the events in these famous stories, and enjoy those worlds from a new perspective. Each short plays with how a protagonist can succumb to madness in different forms. Also included within the book is a selection of artwork that is inspired by the writings and worlds that Lovecraft created. The selection features a variety of artists from across the world who chose to each uniquely display their love for the artists work.
In 2021… Madness Arrives in More Ways Than One.