Rad Wraith - Ashcan Preview

Scout Comics


(W) Tristan Gallagher (A) Christian DiBari

Ashcan Preview Comic

Rad Wraith is the story of a young skateboarder named Grom who falls victim to a prank-gone-wrong, and dies at the bottom of a half-pipe. What his killers don’t know is that this half-pipe was built over an ancient Indian skatepark.

Grom wakes up in his bed the morning after his murder, covered in mud with no memory of the events of the night before. He returns to his normal life, but grows suspicious as one by one, his killers are dispatched by an undead horror with a talking skateboard, and penchant for violent quips. As the body count piles up, Grom realizes that the undead skater murdering these thugs is him. He struggles to free himself from the curse, but when his killers uncover his identity, he’ll have to make peace with the demon in order to save his family.