Ranger Stranger - Volume 1 Trade Paperback - DIGITAL COPY

Scout Comics


(W) Adam Battaglia & Tyler Jensen  (A) Tyler Jensen


Ranger Stranger is about a deranged forest ranger left in charge of the fictional wilderness Hackaneck National Park, a vast Bob Rossian landscape of breathtaking meadows, lakes, and vistas for the adventurous camper to enjoy. Unfortunately, everything-the flowers, the deer, even the park official-wants to murder you. Sound scary? Oh, it is. Especially with Ranger Garland Woodburn on the trail. Don't let the classic Hollywood leading man smile fool you, Woodburn's passion for nature and proclivity for horror-homicide struggle to maintain balance in his addled mind. But not all is lost. Each episode pulls from a myriad of real outdoor topics such as hiking, fishing, or toad licking. The novel is designed like a stylish 1950s field guide written by a guide with questionable knowledge of the field.