Ranger Stranger Deep Cuts #1 - Webstore Exclusive Sleeking Cover

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc.


(W) Tyler Jensen, Matt Battaglia (A/CA) Tyler Jensen

Limited to 150 Copies!
Ranger Stranger is a gallows comedy set in majestic Hackaneck National Park, a vast Bob Rossian world of woods and waters for the adventurous camper or hiker to enjoy. Unfortunately, everything - from the wildflowers to the homicidal deer to the park official - wants to murder you. So, what's one to do? Light a candle, why dontcha? Play some Johnny Mathis if you like, but play it low, you can't blast the Mathis, you psycho. Now move that candle right up against those oily rags. There creates an atmosphere, don't you think? You're all set. dig in and get weird with our latest gift to you. Enjoy your visit! Mature Readers.