Shitshow - TITLE BOX - COMIC BOOK SET - 1-3

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc.


This special title/bookshelf box measures 14 inches by 7 1/4 inches and contains issues 1-3 of SHITSHOW along with the hybrid trading card/gift card,/digital trade paperback called a Comic Tag.  You have a chance of getting rare variants like holofoil covers, metal covers, etc. Very limited quantities so grab yours now! 

Description: Balam destroyed Legend's Legion, Earth, and all we knew. This thrust the hero formerly known as Legend onto the circus circuit, and all was well - as well as a drunkard can be, of course - until Balam returned. The Magnificent McCoys vs. Balam the Feared - surely nothing can go wrong when the sh*t hits the fan, right?