Solar Flare #5 - Self-Published Sun Burst Edition- 1st Long Live Pro Wrestling Preview

Scout Comics


(W) James Haick (A) Branko Jovanovic

Self Published Kickstarter Sun Burst Edition. - Contains 5 page 1st Preview of Ling Live Pro Wrestling.

Underlying relationships are revealed as the tangled web of events continues to be spun. Alliances are uncovered and pasts are revealed, and what lies beyond that curtain is far more dangerous than anyone could have expected. In less that twenty-four hours, Jake Clifford and his group have been tested to their very cores. Who will act the hero in a world ravaged with villains? Will their secrets be their undoing? Will they sacrifice everything for those they love? Find out what happens in this gut-wrenching, emotional issue of Solar Flare!. 5 Page Preview of the Upcoming Long Live Pro Wrestling Series!