Sweet Downfall - Trade Paperback

Scout Comics


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Written and illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli

Full Color, 156 Pages, $19.99

Jonny is an old-model crash test dummy that has been repurposed as a hitman for Don Vito Coriaci, the supremely powerful mob boss of Santa Clara City, a sprawling, ocean-bound metropolis. Jonny is completely loyal and follows his Don’s orders to the T—until his most recent mission.  It all starts to fall apart when Jonny's tasked with bringing in a mermaid, a delicacy whose flesh has healing properties. Quite unexpectedly, Jonny falls in love with the mermaid and decides to save her. This decision launches a long journey that is fraught with danger. The only certainty that remains is that there will be lots of bullets—and so, so much blood!