The Perhapanauts: First Blood - Trade Paperback

Scout Comics


Written by Todd Dezago and illustrated by Craig Rousseau

Full Color, 132 Pages

BLACK CARAVAN IMPRINT: BLACK CARAVAN and SCOUT COMICS are proud to re-present the thrilling adventures of The Perhapanauts! For all of the paranormal phenomena out there, reports of unexplained events and strange, bizarre creatures roaming the edges of the night, there is an agency dedicated to investigate and bring those mysteries into the light of day. They are the Perhapanauts. ( That the team is also made up of these weird, terrifying creatures is not lost on us. ) Bigfoot! Chupacabra! Mothman! Ghosts! Don’t miss the chance to get onboard this rollercoaster of a series right at the beginning!
Collecting The Perhapanauts: First Blood 1-4 as well as extras and 10 pages of ALL NEW MATERIAL exclusive to this new collection!