The Shepherd: The Path Of Souls - Trade Paperback - DIGITAL COPY

Scout Comics


(W) Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Xavier Molinari

(A) Jess Hara, Kyle Huston
(CA) Riccardo Burchielli
Full Color, 196 Pages


BLACK CARAVAN IMPRINT: In life, Dr. Lawrence Miller, aka, The Shepherd, was a husband, father, and professor. In the wake of a terrible family tragedy, he now wanders the “Seam,” that ever-shifting place between this world and whatever comes next, helping other troubled souls, guiding and restoring them.

In the Path of Souls, the Shepherd happens upon a very unusual district in the Seam, a “hospital” for souls who have died in combat. Here warriors of all cultures and eras gather. These lost souls are locked in ever-repeating cycles of violence and trauma. They are still fighting the battles that claimed their lives, struggling against the specters of unresolved fears, broken hopes, and shattered dreams.