Thud: Double Vision - Complete Set (Chapters 1-8)

Scout Comics


This bagged set contains issues 1-4 of THUD: DOUBLE VISION bagged and boarded!  All issues are magazined sized and first prints! 

Description: Bo, a creative living in Oakcago, finds himself directionless and tired with his mundane existence. Yet, despite his dissatisfaction, the one happy constant in his life is a comic book character that he has created and drawn since he was a kid-but then a terrible accident changes everything. Meanwhile, a masked vigilante has appeared on the scene and is only starting to discover his capabilities. As this hulking hero begins his career, he must adjust to appearing and disappearing without warning in his new environment. Combining the 8 total issues of Thud in 4 magazine sized issues! COMPLETE SET - THUD DOUBLE VISION - ISSUES 1-4 first printIngs! Allocations may apply.