Vlad Dracul #3 - 2nd Printing

Scout Comics


(W) Matteo Strukul (A) Andrea Mutti

Second Printing! The third and final chapter of the powerful story of Vlad II of Wallachia, the man behind the myth. As Vlad prepares for the final battle with his brother Radu, Vlad finds himself barricaded and trapped within his own fortress in the Carpathians and everything seems to be lost. Wallachia and Transylvania are now on their knees and there is no place for escape or shelter for Vlad. His only lifeline is Katharina, his one true love, but a final act of treachery could become fatal for the Impaler. This grand finale is infused with the feeling of a fate that has already been written for one of the great cursed heroes of history and the beginning of a legend that will be told throughout the centuries.