Can A Slovenian Thug Leave His Criminal Past Behind Him? Find Out This July In TRAKOVI #1 From SCOUT COMICS!

Can A Slovenian Thug Leave His Criminal Past Behind Him? Find Out This July In TRAKOVI #1 From SCOUT COMICS!


A Slovenian thug in Edmonton, Canada, tries to put his criminal past behind him, but there are those who know where the bodies are buried who refuse to allow the dead to rest in peace…


A botched road heist results in a fatal school bus crash that sets in motion events within the underground community that can only be described as massively inconvenient. 

At the center of the gruesome happening is 'The Slav with No Remorse'…TRAKOVI! A Slovenian thug taking on light contract work in the Northern Canadian City of Edmonton. His involvement and shocking decision made during the happening has put into motion events that not only affects himself, but those closest to him as they all strive for a somewhat 'better' life. The harrowing affair also introduces the barbarous WENDY, who brings ferocious retribution and a shocking revelation that will leave TRAKOVI and YOU the reader in absolute shock!

Each chapter in this 5 part series titled 'BLIND FAITH' ends with a massive cliff-hanger that will leave you speechless and clamoring for the next installment!


Adriean Koleric (Writer, Art + Letters)

Creator Quote

“Being given the privilege of having been accepted into the SCOUT COMICS family is just that, a privilege. As a Creator you devote a substantial amount of time into producing a book that does not guarantee you an audience, response or eyes of a Publisher. So to have one who puts out personal favorite titles like IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT, GRIT and MULLET COP, then gives you the call to join this roster is absolutely everything. SCOUT to me is a true Publisher for Independents and one that I will promote as much as I can. If they believed in me, then I'll believe in them.” – Adriean Koleric

Reviews & Testimonials

“Adriean Koleric is fully within his element, creating one Hell of a ride that will leave you bloodied and squatting heels down with a cigarette!” - Cody (Keeping it Geekly Podcast / @keepingitgeekly)

“What an emotional roller coaster this entire series was. Oh, boy! Insane finale to a truly artistic, fun, and genre/barriers-bending series. A proper accomplishment, indeed.” - @lucifers_liege (Reader)

"Trakovi is a hilarious kickass throat punch of a book with killer art" - @40oz_Goose (The Pink Buzz Podcast)

"Tra-fkn-kovi is a fun cynical Ennis-esque ride as well as being gorgeous visually" -@00joepocket, The Pink Buzz Podcast)

“There’s always going to be an allure for unique storytelling and art style. Trakovi and unique go hand in hand, with the edgy/grunge art to the intense nature of the characters.” -@B-TV Podcast

“The art is boombastic and mind blowing, with a brilliant unique style. This is something to behold as the characters jump of the page (or screen) with an in-your-face style.” – Michael Nimmo (3 Million Years)

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