When an aging monster hunter comes up against a foe that can’t be felled with the swing of his axe, he’s forced to face the unintended consequences of his brutal style of problem solving. Southern-fried sword and sorcery!

The Team:

Writer - Brian Wickman (Big White)

Artist - Kevin Castaniero (Death Saves Anthology)

Colorist - Simon Gough (Ringside, G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes)

Letterer - Micah Myers (Dead Beats, Youth)

Story Summary:

Old Man Barrow, known best for his sour attitude and his ruthless efficiency, bites off more than he can chew when a routine troll-hunting gig goes awry, landing him in the clutches of a backwoods doomsday cult. Ignorant to the true nature of the malign forces at work, Barrow is forced to team up with Ari, a hot-headed young witch dead set on breaking him of his ultra-violent habits. Swamp hags and goblin gangs be damned, it’ll be a miracle if these unlikely allies can make it through this mess without killing each other!

From Writer Brian Wickman

GRIT is a goofy, pulpy fantasy adventure with a lot of heart, and I’m thrilled to be releasing it with the fine folks at Scout. I have a tremendous fondness for fantasy that lets itself have some fun, and this series is a blood-soaked, goblin-infested love letter to the genre. I’ve had a blast working with this team, and it’s clear on every page just how much fun we’ve had building this world together.

From Artist Kevin Castaniero

Fantasy was something I always admired but never felt like I could quite pull off art-wise until Brian sent me ideas for this little story titled GRIT. I felt at home in that world, like Barrow and I had been buddies for a while; I was just along for the journey. A lot of long nights and early mornings went into this book and I hope it shows. Everyone who touched this story gave it hell and I could not be more proud to be a part of it. Cheers.

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