Every adventuring party needs a true hero, but sometimes you get a Murder Hobo instead.                                                                                           

Meet the Team: 

Joseph Schmalke (writer) Credits: Co- Creator/writer/artist The Electric Black, Writer and Artist for Cherry Blackbird, The Infernal Pact, and The Calamitous Black Devils.  Work is also featured on F.Y.E. and Marvel Comics T-shirts. Super 7 reaction figure card artwork for Phantom Starkiller. 

Jason Lynch (artist) no credits this is his first comics gig but has been working as a professional graphic designer for over 10 years.

The Story…

In the land of high adventure brave heroes fight to save humanity from the creatures of darkness. Despite the valiant efforts of these brave souls, a new breed of asshole has risen, the Murder Hobo. A Murder Hobo is a selfish adventure assassin driven by blood, sex, and greed. Any band of warriors unfortunate enough to recruit one soon learns that the Murder Hobo is the only one who wins out in the end. Each issue features two different tales featuring one of five Murder Hobos, each with a different specialty and power but all have one thing in common... they want all the loot for themselves.

From writer Joseph Schmalke

I got really stoned up and thought to myself...this is a good idea.  Then I got drunk and asked Jason to work on it.

From artist Jason Lynch:

This shit is bananas.

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