New Horror Series RABID WORLD Is Coming Soon From Scout Comics!

New Horror Series RABID WORLD Is Coming Soon From Scout Comics!

When an outbreak of a rabies-like virus devastates the world, it’s a fight for survival in a world gone mad. Two couples set off on disparate courses, one for survival and one to save the world. 

The Team…

From Writer Todd Cinani and Artist Oleg Okunev (Pestilence, Wakanda Forever).

The Story…

It was like any other morning, until it wasn’t. Growing from the rural areas, it was a simple dog bite, but the end of the day…civilization was collapsing. The outbreak left people rabid, devoid of their humanity, left only with a violent rage. 

With the world in shambles, a group of friends must try to weather the storm and survive. While one couple works to find a vaccine at a long-forgotten bio-weapons research facility, the other flees by sailboat in search of salvation from the perils of a new chaotic existence.

Will a vaccine be found? Will the survivors make it to a safe place to hole up? Find out in Rabid World!

From Writer Todd Cinani:

We are very excited to be working with Scout. I have read and loved many Scout comics such as Smoke Town and the brilliant Solar Flare, so I decided on a Hail Mary pass, and submitted our end-of-the-world epic to them.

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