Introducing SCOUT PRESSWORKS - 1 of 1 Printer Plate Collectibles

Introducing SCOUT PRESSWORKS - 1 of 1 Printer Plate Collectibles
FEBRUARY 15, 2022 - Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc. continues to innovate with an exciting new line of collectibles called PRESSWORKS PLATES, which will premiere on the WhatNot app Sunday, February 20 AT 7:00PM EST to celebrate indy comics week. 

These beautiful pieces incorporate the actual printing plates used in the production of a Scout comic.  Each of these unique items are one-of-a-kind treasures commemorating a moment in comic book history.  Once a collector snaps one of them up, it’s gone! PRESSWORK PLATES come framed and adorned with a metal plate commemorating the publication’s title, page numbers and the date the comic book was printed!  The matching certificate of authenticity completes the keepsake.
When the printer prints a single comic using the CMYK process, it is printed in 8 page increments using four different plates. Black, Cyan (Blue), Magenta, and Yellow. Interior page PRESSWORKS PLATES will be sold in two page increments in four different colors.   When the PRESSWORK PLATES are a cover, it will feature one incredible, oversized framed plate in four different colors. 

James Haick, President of Scout Comics and Entertainment, says, “These are all gorgeous, but I know there will be some major battles over some of the covers!  WhatNot is the perfect partner for this debut.  We never expected to have so much fun with auctions, but they have built an incredible community.”
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