Scout Proudly Presents the Epic Upcoming Series TALYN: SEED OF DARKNESS

Scout Proudly Presents the Epic Upcoming Series TALYN: SEED OF DARKNESS


In a Gothic metropolis filled with dark denizen creatures of the night, an emerging streetfighter searches for her missing sister, whose disappearance is part of an ancient plot against humans to take over the world.

Meet the Team:

From Writers The Brothers Harrow (Scar) and with art by Banished Shadow.

The Story…

Talyn is an orphaned streetfighter carving out a life in the dangerous underworld of Remnant, a Gothic metropolis filled with Lycans, Demons, and other denizen creatures of the night, where humans are as dispensable as the trash littering the street. Talyn finds hope and light in her mischievous and resourceful little sister, Tessa. When Tessa is abducted by a mysterious ghost-like entity, The Pale One, Talyn joins forces with a mutated police detective, and is thrust into a supernatural mystery that is part of the oldest revenge plot ever conceived.

From writers The Brothers Harrow:

We loved the characters and the art style Banished created, and we took our time extracting the backstory of the characters to create an immersive, exciting, and living world. We were inspired by the 80s and 90s anime and film noir boxing films. But we didn’t want to rely on caricatures or troupes. So instead, we put three-dimensional characters and their emotional journeys at the heart of our story. All of us also have younger siblings, so we wanted to create a story exploring the power of that relationship.

From artist Banished Shadow:

Growing up, I guess there just weren’t many strong female characters out there. With the characters in Talyn, I just ended up doing it myself and making characters that I like. But really, I make all females cause their awesome. So why not?

On a personal connection, I would say the sibling story between Tessa and Talyn is my main inspiration. Family is pretty important to me, so drawing the characters in those scenes hit close to home.

Regarding social media, I try not to pay close attention to the numbers, but knowing people enjoy your content is great and a little overwhelming sometimes. So my audience is important and I am thankful for them.

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