It’s Chunky Roger Rabbit With A Bad Temper Meets Indiana Jones! MITCH Is Coming This November From Scout Comics

It’s Chunky Roger Rabbit With A Bad Temper Meets Indiana Jones! MITCH Is Coming This November From Scout Comics

A story about one furry guy on a quest to find his true origins, unintentionally stumbling into adventure, mystery, and a secret ongoing extraterrestrial conflict over Earth and its unsuspecting occupants.

Mitch mixes comedy, science fiction and urban fantasy, with character Mitch as the anthropomorphic lead, juxtaposed to the seemingly realistic world of the late 90s. It's chunky Roger Rabbit with a bad temper meets Indiana Jones, set in a Sam Raimi's looking cityscape. This mini-series combines several elements from native American mythology, as well as “star people” (or kachinas) folklore, retold in an ancient
astronaut frame, with the legend of Shangri La, a mythical lost city, as the centerpiece of the story.

Writer/Artist -  Maxim Simic
Letterer -  Josip Sršen
Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Creator Quote
"In what is a usually risk-averse environment, Scout comics was willing to take a chance on me and Mitch, which says a lot about Scout comics and the people who comprise it. Bold publishers make for fresh comics and fresh ideas. All I hope is to give my readers a few new ideas, few new perspectives, which are essential for embarking on new adventures." - Maxim Šimić (creator/writer/artist)

"Working on Mitch was more than just a great excuse to finally do something with Maxim. Having lettered comics for comic artist friends, Mitch is my first work being published overseas. It was a big learning experience as well, working in another language, with a different lettering tradition. I am grateful to Maxim for having me on his project and to Scout comics for picking up this title. What do we do next?"  - Josip Sršen (letterer)

Reviews & Testimonials

 Maxim Simic’s new book, Mitch, a heady cocktail of folklore, sci-fi, espionage, and hardboiled pulp fiction, is literally like no other comic on the stands!  Funny, beautifully drawn, and dripping with a kind of unshaven, unwashed, hungover charm, it’s irresistible.  It kept me guessing, and I love that! - John Arcudi
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