PRESSWORKS PACKS - 1 of 1 Printer Plate Collectibles Are NOW AVAILABLE!

PRESSWORKS PACKS - 1 of 1 Printer Plate Collectibles Are NOW AVAILABLE!
NOVEMBER 21, 2022 - Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc. continues to innovate with an exciting new line of collectibles called PRESSWORKS ( and is proud to introduce a new variation of this product called PRESSWORK PACKS.

These beautiful individual pieces (5x9) of 12mm aluminum incorporate the actual printing plates used in the production of a Scout comic or graphic novel.  Each of these unique items are one-of-a-kind treasures commemorating a moment in comic book history.  
When the printer prints a single comic or graphic novel using the CMYK process, it is printed in 8 page increments using four different plates. Black, Cyan (Blue), Magenta, and Yellow. Interior page PRESSWORKS PLATES are sold in one page increments in four different colors.  When the PRESSWORK PLATES are a cover, it will feature one incredible, oversized framed plate in four different colors. 

A PRESSWORK PACK is a sealed envelope containing of a single page plate (5x9) inside with a special COA sticker that has the name of the comic, the print run, the color AND the date printed!    

Each mystery pack has a chance for a FRAMED double cover of said title within.  Each run has one ad plate with instructions on how to redeem this truly amazing, framed double cover printer plate!

James Haick, President of Scout Comics, says, “These new PRESSWORK PACKS allows us the ability to distribute these 1 of 1 printer plates to comic stores worldwide.  Starting this January, both Lunar Distribution and Universal Distribution will start to carry these truly unique collectibles!"

Scout has released a few titles online just before the start of the holiday shopping season.  They can be purchased HERE.

For more information on PRESSWORKS & PRESSWORK PACKS, please contact
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