Octover 1st, 2020 (Los Angeles) – as reported by Deadline, Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc., one of the comic book industry’s fastest growing companies, has signed with Mosaic’s management division for film/TV/streaming representation. With over 150 titles in its library, Scout has been developing and publishing creator-owned comic titles since 2015 and is currently one of the top ten comic book publishers in the country. Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, Scout’s sales have increased threefold over the past twelve months.
Based out of New York City, Los Angeles, and Ft. Myers, Scout Comics recently signed a bookstore distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, signed with the Webber Agency for foreign language rights representation, and became a featured publisher on Comixology, the premiere destination for digital comic book distribution. Scout also recently announced multiple new specialty imprints: Black Caravan (horror), Scoot (kids), Lit (young adult), Outsider (LGBTQ+), Scout One-Shot (single issue stories), and Non-Stop (first issue releases followed shortly thereafter with the entire trade paperback). 
Several of Scout’s titles are currently in development for film, TV and streaming, including SOLAR FLARE, HENCHGIRL, MURDER HOBO, THE MALL, LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, SMOKETOWN, LOOT, ONCE OUR LAND, LONG LOST and UNIKORN. With a rapidly growing library, Scout’s slate includes projects at Amazon Studios and Freeform/Disney, and the company is developing additional multimedia projects with Assemble Media, Armory Films, Digital Riot, Jonathan Kadin, and Mosaic, among others.
Scout was founded in 2015 with a focus on quality creator owned comics that span all genres and their transition to multi-media adaptations.  The company’s executive ranks include veterans of both publishing and Hollywood, including Tennessee Edwards, a former ITV America business development and production executive, and Don Handfield, a writer/producer whose film/TV projects include THE FOUNDER with Michael Keaton, the A&E series KNIGHTFALL, and the recently-announced UNIKORN

"As more and more Scout titles progress from page to screen, it's creating new avenues of strategic partnerships with both studios and financiers, and we can't think of a better company to help us navigate these exciting new opportunities than Mosaic," said Handfield and Edwards, who run point for all of Scout's film, TV and streaming development/production.
The company’s physical headquarters are located in Ft. Myers, Florida, and are run by Scout’s President, James Haick, who is also the creative force behind THE MALL, SOLAR FLARE, and the upcoming LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, all of which are in development as TV/streaming series.
Mosaic’s Patrick Newman brought Scout in after working with Haick on an upcoming Scout title that is being written and illustrated by Mosaic client Sam Moore. Both companies quickly saw an opportunity to work together.
“As Mosaic continues to branch out into the IP world, we feel like we found a real gem in the independent comic book landscape with Scout. And as impressive as their catalogue is, we were more impressed with the team behind it, and look forward to working with them as they continue to grow and bring fantastic new content to readers and audiences alike,” said Mosaic’s principal Jimmy Miller.
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