Tech-Savvy Mothers Take The Internet Hostage To Build A Better World! M.O.M. BREAKS THE INTERNET Is Coming Soon From SCOUT!

Tech-Savvy Mothers Take The Internet Hostage To Build A Better World! M.O.M. BREAKS THE INTERNET Is Coming Soon From SCOUT!
What happens when tech-savvy mothers take the Internet hostage to build a better world?

Barbie Reed is a brilliant computer programmer, wife, and mother. Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Penny Alonzo-Reed, is an activist organizing free speech protests. The same day Barbie’s company lays her off, Penny is arrested and inappropriately touched by a policeman at a demonstration in front of the Capitol. With Penny facing assault charges, Barbie assembles her fellow moms to create real change by putting the Internet in a permanent time-out by reprogramming games to be educational, disabling trolls, and blocking bullies from spreading hate. Acting under the online persona of MOM, she and the others break the Internet! If President Waldgrave and his cronies want it back in time for the election, they’ll have to complete her list of honey-dos to create a better world. While MOM wants to keep people safe, she must avoid anti-hacker Agent Ramirez, who is tasked with bringing the tech-terrorist to justice. Can MOM restore sanity amidst all of the hatred and fear? Are her actions truly justice or is she endangering herself and her family for Internet vigilantism? And if Barbie gets caught... what happens to MOM and all the good that she’s done?

Jay Sandlin- writer
Patrick Mulholland- artist
Adriano Augusto- colorist
 Nicole D’Andria- editor
Cynna Ael- letterer

Creator Quote

“This book means a lot as my first creator-owned series and I’m proud to have a name like Scout behind it. Taking the Internet hostage is something many parents have fantasized about, and now we get a taste of what that might look like.” -- Jay Sandlin

Reviews & Testimonials

“Barbie Reed may be breaking the internet, but she's saving comics. This book is exciting, politically pertinent, and brilliantly illustrated.”—Blake’s Buzz
“An engrossing introduction that addresses the fears of an all-too-familiar reality but with the sort of technicolor bombast only comics can deliver. Mom is coming to f**k some sh*t up, and this aging punk cannot wait to read what happens next!”—Eric Palicki (Fake Empire, Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists)
“In a time where standing up for what is right is needed more and more, Jay Sandlin and his creative team delivers an entertaining comic adventure about activism that corrals the idea of freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble through the lens of a tech world that’s being heavily guarded and borderline ostracized by a warden of a President. With shades of what could come in real life, Mom Breaks the Internet is an engaging look at people fighting back, one that is inspiring and artistically captivating.”—Brian Hawkins (The Vineyard, Black Cotton)
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