The Post Apocalyptic Thriller LOCUST Is Coming Soon From Scout Comics!

The Post Apocalyptic Thriller LOCUST Is Coming Soon From Scout Comics!


"A biblical plague has broken out and has infected humanity, transforming people into terrible and voracious giant locusts. The uninfected try to survive through all this, fighting against a disease that cannot be stopped.”


 The Creative Team:

Writer: Massimo Rosi.

Artist: Alex Nieto.

Editing: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Lettering: Mattia Gentili


The Story:

“During the “Great Transformation,” when men mutate into locusts, Max, a fisherman, tries to escape with his elderly mother.

The two are attacked by a small swarm of monstrous locusts and have a serious accident. However, a group of men save their lives. This group turns out to be a strange religious sect led by a certain Ford, a fanatical racist and former guerrilla. Max, living in this coven with his mother, will discover that Ford is convinced that this biblical-style plague will only be alleviated if the impure—homosexuals, foreigners and disabled people—are sacrificed. Ford's daughter, born from incest, is a disabled child and Ford wants to offer her as a sacrifice to assuage the plague.

Max, realizing what is about to happen in the fierce community, saves the little girl named Stella. In the escape, her mother is killed and the two try in every way to leave the city. Meanwhile, Ford and his men hunt him down like animals, intending to take back his little child as a sacrificial lamb.

Max and Stella's journey will be an absurd apocalypse, with loved ones turning into horrendous creatures and the rampant violence of a humanity that is increasingly nearer to total collapse.”


Why Scout?

"Scout Comics is my first publisher in the United States, the first publisher who gave a 24-year-old Italian writer the chance to fulfill his dream of publishing in America. It's been almost 10 years since that time, while I have created many comics, one among many being Locust...  In Locust, I put all the hard work and experience accumulated trying to create something that surpasses myself and I wanted to give this kind of work to Scout Comics, because it is my refuge overseas. My first real publishing family.”

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