NEW RAT CITY Is About A Dystopian New York That’s One Bad Day Away From Being Ruled By Rodents. Out Now From SCOUT COMICS!

NEW RAT CITY Is About A Dystopian New York That’s One Bad Day Away From Being Ruled By Rodents. Out Now From SCOUT COMICS!

In a near-future New York City, curious pest controller Felicia Shepherd discovers how the mystery of her mother’s disappearance is related to the biggest threat facing the flooding, rat-plagued city.

New York City, 2083. After decades of floods, infrastructure disasters, and abandonment, what was once the greatest city on Earth has shrunk to a shadow of its former glory.

Pest controllers keep the city livable for the few people who remain. They're limited by law to using non-lethal methods like sound cannons and pheromones, until a massive rat horde spurs the mayor to lift the no-kill order for two weeks so tourists don't stop visiting.

Raised to believe it was morally indefensible to kill an animal, Felicia Shepherd is a pest controller who tries to deal with the swarms of rats and roaches plaguing her city without hurting anything. As if that weren't enough, she's also wrestling with a growing suspicion that her mother, who disappeared after a horrible accident with a neural implant, isn't actually dead. And the fact that the rat and roach swarms seem to be... talking to her.

Honor Vincent - Writer
George Quadros - Artist
DC Alonso - Colors
Lucas Gattoni - Letters

Cover artists:
George Quadros & DC Alonso
Apple Nuñez
Lee Milmore
Mateo Maciorowski
Ralf Singh

Creator Quotes:
"This story has been pestering me for many years, and when I finally started writing the script for the first issue I did it with the plans to send it to Scout. As someone who's relatively new around here, it means the world to me to have my first completed series published by a company who puts out great work and supports indie creators in everything they do."
 - Honor Vincent

"Working on New Rat City was one of the best experiences of my career so far. It's an incredible universe, designed and developed by a super creative team. I was the first fan of this comic and I tried to render a beautiful (and disgusting) post-apocalyptic rat world through my art." - George Quadros


"A semi-dystopian New York that’s one bad day away from being wholly ruled by rodents and roaches shouldn’t look this bright, shouldn’t be populated with generally positive people. But it is, and it works. With the combined efforts of a great team of creators, New Rat City is a smart piece of speculation and just an all around entertaining read." - 
The Pullbox
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