The Devil Has Been Destroyed And His Son Must Take The ROAD TRIP TO HELL To Accept The Throne. Coming This October From Scout Comics!

The Devil Has Been Destroyed And His Son Must Take The ROAD TRIP TO HELL To Accept The Throne. Coming This October From Scout Comics!

The devil has been destroyed and bequeathed Hell to his son, Francis Rhoades, who now needs to travel down below to accept the throne. But when Satan includes a clause that says anyone from Hell can usurp the throne by killing his replacement, Francis is in for a hellish nightmare that includes the likes of Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun, Vlad the Impaler, and many more of the worst the world had to offer.  

A dark comedy filled with action, adventure, and the worst the world had to offer, Road Trip to Hell follows Francis Rhoades, a young man with the ability to see horrible things in a person's future just by touching them. His life has been full of hardship, but things get even worse when the demon Baphomet informs him that his father is Satan and he’s been destroyed. Now, Francis has been designated the new king of Hell. The catch? All the damned have escaped, and if one of them can kill Francis before he can reach the netherworld himself, that soul will become the new leader of Hell! With the help of his sister Star and his literal guardian angel Joan of Arc, Francis needs to survive his trip to hell... hopefully without losing his own soul in the process! 

Nicole D’Andria – Writer (“The Kill Boat” in the Nightmare Theater Anthology, Comic Adaptation of Peter David’s Artful)
Monika Maccagni – Artist (Vampblade, Zombie Tramp)
Joaquin Pereyra – Colorist (Liberator, MediSin)
Marco Fontanili – Variant Cover Artist (Pentagram of Horror, Kingjira)
Justin Birch – Letterer (The Séance Room, Miraculous)
Jacob Bascle – Logo Designer (The Shepherd, Evil Dead 2)

Quote & Review:
“I’ve been working with Scout Comics behind the scenes for a while now. I can tell they really care about their comics and the people pouring their blood, sweat, and geekiness into them, so I knew they would be the right publisher for Road Trip to Hell. I’m looking forward to seeing just how far this road trip will go with Scout!” - Nicole D'Andria

"This is the kind of story I wish I would’ve come up with first… then I realize I couldn’t have pulled it off this good!" —Shawn Gabborin (Black BettyPuppet Master)

“Son of a…Devil? Rather, son of THE Devil. Road Trip to Hell is a great first comic from Nicole D'Andria. Marco Maccagni, Joaquin Pereyra, and Justin Birch compliment the witty writing and hairpin plot twists. Definitely pick this one up.” —Erica Schultz (Xena, Twelve Devils Dancing

Road Trip to Hell is a wild, clever, inventive ride, mixing memorable, original characters that you root for and historical figures that you long to see finally get what they deserve. With the return of villains we thought we'd seen the last of, this story is timely and timeless. To find out what happens in this series, I will gladly go to hell!”—Jennie Wood (Flutter

“I really enjoyed it. Good, clean premise. Deep characters. The art works nicely. And I love that the whole thing has a Buffy-esque swagger to it.”—Rylend Grant (Aberrant, Banjax

Road Trip to Hell is an impressive debut that reminds me a bit of the tragically short-lived TV show, Reaper. It has that same vein of dark humor and deals with just as much of the supernatural. This book sets itself out, pulling from a number of fun aspects of the Bible and history.”—James Ferguson (
Horror DNA

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